Pain: Pay Attention To What Your Body Is Telling You!

Pain occurs when something is not right in the body. It is the signal that there is a problem. Of course there are immediate pains like when you accidentally stub your toe, but chronic pain is often more problematic. Pain also has a tendency to spread. The problem seems to emanate from a certain point in the body, but often it seems to spread to other parts of the body as well.

As you get older your body experience’s certain aches and pains. Some of us believe that having pain is just part of life. That is just not true and furthermore there is no reason for you to live with any pain.
Yamuna® Body Rolling is a great way to reduce pain, tension and tightness in the body. It is not a cure-all for everything, but it is a great solution for pain under many circumstances.

You’d be amazed how your body feels after just one Yamuna® Body Rolling session! The structural alignment of your whole body will change week by week.

Yamuna Body Rolling Florida

I worked with an older individual who had severe ankle pain and happened to be avid tennis player. Within a year and a daily rolling routine of body rolling his pain has disappeared. I worked with a young female client who is a runner and had actually quit running. After only a month of Body Rolling techniques her knee pain almost completely disappeared. She uses the balls and techniques to prevent future injuries.

Body Rolling balls are magical because they stimulate bone, muscles and tendons. Body rolling creates space in your joints, improving your mobility and range of motion. There are routines to target specific body parts such as your shoulder and hip. There are muscles and each muscle has an origin and insertion point (where the muscle begins and ends).

There are routines for all parts of the body. Each individual may have one part of the body where rolling will have the most impact, such as your shoulder or hip. When you do these rolling routines on a daily basis you will notice the changes in your body.

Body Rolling can even be done in Bed! How great is that! In the picture above you use a black and pearl ball. You slowly move the balls down your legs towards your ankles. This can help to reduce tension in your back and hips.

My mission is to help you become pain free! I teach you and others who want and need to improve their movement!
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Yamuna Body Rolling Florida

Yamuna Body Rolling Florida

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